Q: What got you interested in Italians?

A: The big dicks! :3 but no in all seriousness, i’ve always been attracted to mediterranean men in general. Seeing so many prominent large ones across social media, omeggle, snapchat, and men i’ve hooked up with on tinder on top of hearing about their “endowments” from all parties inspired me to make the site 🙂

Q: Can you add other countries?

A: Maybe, but certain countries don’t have a lot of media, social media interaction or content, meaning i’d have to depend entirely on submissions for some of them, good thing about the Italians, and French they can’t stop posting their junk on the web you wouldn’t believe how many submissions I go through haha, but i’m open to suggestions

Q: Why are you oppossed to homosexual content, why only straight men?

A: I do not oppose homosexual content. It’s just, the website is about the men in particular, the beauty of the male form, not pornography or who they fuck. On top of that, I am female. It’s not just homosexual content either, it’s heterosexual as well. I try to refrain from posting directly pornographic material as much as possible, the men are the focus.

Q: Are you still supporting the Russian and Scandinavian blog

A: Yes, it’s just that this one gets WAY more support so it’s the main focus, but no, those sites aren’t going anywhere don’t worry

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